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Cinta Kura Kura (2012) DVDRip

Source: Cinta Kura Kura (2012) DVDRip RMVB/MKV-KURYU
Encoder: Kuryu
Genre: Comedy | Romance
Runtime: 86 min
User Rating: N/A
Country: Malaysia
Language: Malay
Subtitle: English
IMDB Link:
Nani is a happy-go-lucky 21-year-old girl who has a special pet turtle called Nico. Nico is a Green Crown Sea Turtle but what makes him different from other pets is that he has the ability to talk to humans if he chooses to do so. Nani moves in with her younger brother, Amin, and she falls for the musician next door, Adam. Disturbed by the sparks of love between the two, Nico does everything in his power to destroy Adam’s efforts to woo Nani. Things get more complicated as Nico’s pet shop supervisor, Fadzly, tries to get close to Nani with an ulterior motive of stealing Nico and selling him to an exotic food restaurant.

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